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You know you’re back in Germany after having spent considerable time in Turkey when…



© aNadventures

© aNadventures


1)      Names suddenly seem so easy to remember.


2)      You’re surprised by the variety of languages around you.


3)      You have to pay for your own drinks.


4)      It’s suddenly not ok to interact with children that you don’t know (e.g. on the street or in a restaurant).


5)      The doors in the U-Bahn don’t automatically open.


6)      People judge you for crossing a street while the light’s still red.


7)      Cars actually stop at pedestrian crossings.


8)      There are no cats and dogs to be spotted at every corner.


9)      You catch yourself substracting one hour from the local time when wanting to call a family member or a friend.


10)  You still say haaaaaa as to indicate that you understand something.


11)  You smile when people wear t-shirts at 20°C.


12)  You realize that air does not necessarily have to contain nicotine.


13)  There are less flags around.


14)  Salt and pepper alone just don’t do it for you anymore.



[To be continued…]


Is there anything else you would add to the LIST? Let me know in the comments. For a List Lesson have a look at this week’s Writing Challenge.



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  1. Brilliant photo (is it Alexander Platz?) I love Berlin. never been to Turkey though!

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