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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


On a sunny Sunday in January, I came across these letters sprayed on the wall of a building in Izmir:

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

The words instantly caught my attention. The neat pointy and curvy writing. White on red, just like the Turkish flag. A coincidence? On A Journey. Whoever left this message wanted to tell us something. On A Journey. Was that person on a journey? Most probably. But on a journey to where? And from where? Was it a local or a tourist, one person or a group of people? They obviously intended to leave a trace of themselves in this city. But why here? Why at this corner, on this wall?

We see what we want to see. At the time of me spotting this message, I was on a journey myself. I had been living in Izmir for sixteen months already and was exploring a new neighbourhood, near Asansör. I was reflecting on where my life had taken me so far and where I’d like it to take me next. I was thinking of all the people that played a significant role in my life and who I was thankful for.

I think we’re all on a journey. On a journey to get to know our surroundings. On a journey to discover what makes us happy. On a journey to define our hopes and dreams. On a journey through our very personal lives.

Where’s YOUR journey taking you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

For more interpretations of “Letters”, have a look at this week’s Photo Challenge.


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  1. GREAT interpretation! We’re all on a journey through life, and your words enhanced the image and the reality of that adventure.

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