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March Travels: Izmir

Izmir Clock Tower.

© aNadventures

There’s something funny about beginnings and endings. In both cases, our body and mind experience things more intensely than during “regular times”. When we’re confronted with something new to us, we’re more awake, taking it in with all our senses, truly living it. With endings, we behave in a similar way. If we were told our days are counted, we would probably want to make the most of our time left, enjoying every single moment to the fullest.

That’s probably why my last month in Turkey was one of the best ones I got to experience over there. I knew there was little time left and I didn’t want to miss out on ANYTHING. I jumped out of bed regardless of how much sleep I’d had the previous night, accomplished my tasks at work with determination and dedication, enjoyed the chats with my colleagues, met up with friends whenever possible, explored new parts of town, tried dishes I hadn’t yet tried, watched every sunset as if it were the last one.

During my last month in Izmir, I stayed in Güzelyalı, which means something like “Beautiful Beach”. And it truly is beautiful out there! If I’m to return to Izmir, I’ll probably live in that part of town. It’s lively, cozy and authentic at the same time. It didn’t even take me ten minutes from my home to the sea side. I could take the ferry boat to work every day, happily sipping freshly pressed orange juice and feeding the sea gulls that chase the boat. It takes so little to be happy.


I remember my first and my last month in Izmir very clearly. Of course, I will never forget the parts in between either: The ups and downs, the joys and tears, the bumps that shaped my personality and the hugs that shaped my heart. But the beginnings and the endings have always been the ones reminding me that I’m alive.

Well, our days ARE counted. It’s time to start living right NOW.

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