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Turkish Daylights: Taking care of the little ones


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If you’ve been to Turkey you probably noticed the amount of street cats and dogs around. They’re just part of the landscape and you quickly get used to them. There’s no need to feel sorry for those creatures as they lead quite a good life. When walking down the street you’ll notice bags full of food left-overs thoughtfully placed next to garbage bins for them to eat from. In the summer time, it’s especially important that they get enough to drink. There’s high awareness about that and posters encourage people to make sure the little ones are sufficiently hydrated. These vagabonds belong to everyone and nobody – they are looked after by everyone and nobody. Life on the street may be tough but they seem to enjoy it. They are free to explore, to follow the persons of their choice, to change neighbourhoods and lay in the sun. They are taken care of and take care of themselves.


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