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Beware of… THE RAIN


“Ana, where are you? It’s raining! I’m worried about you.”

“How come you’re home already?” – It’s raining!

“Dear friends, today’s meeting is cancelled due to the rain.”


Izmir people are brave and laid back. But there’s one thing they fear: THE RAIN. The quotes featured above may seem exaggerated but people have reason to be cautious. Once it starts raining it usually lasts for ages and the streets tend to get flooded quite easily. I remember the most recent heavy rainfalls a few months ago. I made it to work with my pair of rubber boots and an umbrella but I may as well have tried swimming. Some cable in the building got damaged and we were left without electricity for one and a half days.

I also remember risking my life last year as I made the mistake of leaving the house to meet a friend for a waffle. I thought it was “just raining”. It took me almost fifteen minutes to get to the nearby metro station. My driving force was the prospect of that waffle. But when I finally made it, my friend cancelled the meeting. So I had to “swim” all the way back.

I’ve learnt from those incidents. I’m staying at home tonight.

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