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Turkish Daylights: Lokma


For the last one and a half hours I’ve been successfully ignoring the Sunexpress website I opened with the purpose of booking my flight back to Berlin – back to my new old life. There’s still time to enjoy my last two months in Turkey. There are plenty of things to observe and experience still.

Since I know I won’t be booking that ticket tonight anyway, I may as well tell you about something typically Turkish: Lokma.

This is a doughy dessert that is fried in big recipients, then bathed in sugar syrup and commonly distributed on the streets. You just queue up and take as many portions as you like to share with your friends, neighbours and colleagues. There generally is a sign that says in honour of whom the lokma is handed out, usually someone who passed away.

It took me some time to figure out what this lokma thing was all about. Lokma literally means “bite” or “snack”. Since Turks use to bond over food this can be seen as a way of bonding with the dead as well, right? Sometimes it’s just nice to walk down the street and have someone hand you food.

What do you think? Is there any such thing in countries you have visited as well?


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