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Things I like about having flat mates

  1. They are good cooks.
  2. Eating in company is much more fun than by myself.
  3. They bring me tea and fruits when I’m ill.
  4. There’s always someone at home to talk to.
  5. They introduce me to their friends.
  6. Their pet is my pet.
  7. But I don’t have to clean the pet’s toilet.
  8. They correct my Turkish.
  9. They are good to hug.
  10. They surprise me with messages like this one:

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  1. Having fltamates is always a challenge. The awesome thing is when you find the best ones to live. Nice post 😉

    • You are right, there are advantages and disadvantages to sharing a flat. I guess you just get to know people as they truly are when you live together. From my personal point of view, it’s always easier to become friends with flat mates rather than being flat mates with friends. 😉

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