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Take the moment, not the picture


I’m standing at the platform staring into the tunnel. Waiting. The display above my head is lighting on and off indicating its arrival. It’s coming. I can see its spotlight being reflected in the curve leading out of the tunnel. The train is approaching.

My eyes widen, my breath slows down. I want to capture the moment. The train is leaning into the curve, I can see its nose now, its body as it elegantly coils its way out of the tunnel. This is when I take my first mind picture, snap, the train shooting out of the curve and moving towards my direction, directly facing me. It’s coming closer, snap, and closer, snap, blowing warm wind into my face. I do not move. My eyes are fixing it. I want to capture the moment.

I can barely hear the break sound. I see the train’s profile now as it gradually comes to a halt. Everyone around me is rushing towards the doors. I do not move. I captured the moment.

This is my first blog post without picture. It is published in response to this week’s Writing Challenge: Snapshots

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