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On my way to work this morning, I noticed this street dog. It’s a Turkish street dog, of course. That’s obvious from his position: Sitting.

One of the things that struck me during my first months in this country was the amount of time people spend sitting. Rarely by themselves, though. A typical conversation among Turks goes like this:

A: Hey, what are you up to? (Merhaba, napıyorsun?)

B: Nothing. What would I be doing? I’m sitting. (Hiç. Ne yapim? Oturuyorum, işte.)

A: Oh, nice. I’m coming over then. (Ne güzel. Geliyorum o zaman.)

I’ve heard this kind of conversation so many times and it always makes me smile. I had not considered sitting to be an actual activity to pass your time with but apparently it is. Sitting means so much more than just sitting. It can include: relaxing, having a chat with a friend, drinking coffee / tea, watching a series, …

What are YOU up to right now? Sitting?

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