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Amazon’s Two Pizza Rule


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You might be thinking: Since when does Amazon do pizza delivery?

They don’t. What I am going to tell you (besides the fact that I like pizza – a lot) is that companies may come up with the funniest ideas and rules in order to foster efficiency.

The guys from Amazon, for example, have noticed that meetings are less productive the more crowded they get. Logical, isn’t it? In order to be more efficient during professional gatherings, they set up the Two Pizza Rule. This rule basically says that a meeting should only be joined by as many people as can be comfortably fed by two pizzas. To them this means five to seven persons. It depends on how hungry those guys are when they decide to have meetings. And also on the size of the pizza, I’d say. But you get the point.

That having been said let me tell you one more thing: I like pizza and I miss Italian pizza (made in Germany). I just can’t get used to the Turkish way of putting ketchup and mayonnaise on a pizza. But tastes differ around the world and from one person to another. So do rules. What are your personal rules?


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