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Things to do in İzmir that cost little or no money


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1. Sit at Kordon next to the water watching the sun set with a handful of sunflower seeds.

2. Have a chat with a stranger.

3. Take the ferry to Karşıyaka or Bostanlı (2 TL per ride and valid for 90 minutes; 1.10 TL for students).

4. Have a walk in your neighborhood. Then sit down on a park bench and people watch. Invent their stories: Who are they? Where are they going? What are their secrets?

5. Drink çay (1-2TL) and play tavla with a friend.

6. Have çiğ köfte (2.5TL) with ayran (1TL).

7. Take a photo tour.

8. Explore your local pazar. Or maybe one you haven’t yet been to? The kilo prices for fresh fruits and vegetables are quite affordable.

9. Read a book in a park. Or on your balcony.

10. Write a blog post.

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