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One year


This month has been full of anniversaries and special dates to commemorate: This blog’s first birthday, İzmir’s Independence Day and, not to forget, Aida’s birthday.

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So let’s add another one to the list, shall we? Today, it has been one year since my arrival in the beautiful city of İzmir. One year! This means that two thirds of my one and a half year Turkey experience have already passed. I can hardly believe how time has flown.

Today, it has been exactly 12 months since I stepped off the plane at İzmir’s Adnan Menderes International Airport and made my way to the dormitory, barely knowing where I was going and uttering broken bits of Turkish.  

So much has happened ever since and I can affirm that things have changed within myself and around me.

In this year …

… I lived in a dormitory for the first two months.

… I have been sharing a flat with Turkish girls.

… I have experienced what it is like to have a dog.

… I have learnt how to communicate in Turkish (including the typical gestures).

… I have had the chance to spend time talking to locals.

… I have visited many parts of this beautiful country.

… I have learnt how to read Turkish coffee.

… I have fallen in love with çiğ köfte.

… I have experienced that long distance relationships can work out just fine.

… I have kept a blog.

… I have found new friends.

… I have managed to renew my resident permit.

… I have passed all my classes at uni.

… I have come to find myself in a Turkish working environment, talking to my colleagues in Turkish and doing bureaucratic stuff in Turkish.

And what I am particularly proud of…

… being asked for directions on a regular basis which means that people take me for a local and which makes me want to perform a little “happy aNa dance” every time it happens.

Of course, all of what I mentioned has not happened on my behalf alone, even though I started every sentence by “I”. My family and friends and even strangers have been very supportive and helped me out in some decisive moments. But all in all, let’s face it, I am proud of my achievements, the big and the little ones.

Thank you, my beautiful İzmir, for this great year! Six more amazing months to come!

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