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Those little differences


When my sister came to visit she noticed all those little things I have already gotten used to while living here. Whenever she mentioned any of her observations, I thought “Oh yeah!” and it reminded me of when I first noticed these things that have now become so normal.

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Here is a selection of what my sister noticed about Turkey:


  1. So many people smoke. Everywhere!
  2. The kerbs are much higher than in Germany. (Probably to prevent cars from parking on them.)
  3. There is a lot of bready food.
  4. The metro area is kept very clean.
  5. There is air conditioning in public transportation.
  6. Buses are used more than trains in order to get from one city to another. (In Germany it is the other way around.)
  7. A very high level of hospitality.
  8. Turkish men are generally friendlier towards us women than women. (This may be a universal thing though.)
  9. Knives at restaurants are quite blunt.
  10. There are outdoor work-out stations for free use almost everywhere near kids parks. That way the parents can work out while their kids are playing.
  11. They have Magnum Double with blackberry sauce in Turkey.
  12. You can find a Turkish flag wherever you look at. In Germany you almost never see any flags except for when there are soccer matches.


There are many other little differences I like about Turkey and that I can easily adapt to. One thing I will never get used to though is putting ketchup and mayonnaise on a pizza. Yeeerk! Don’t mess with my pizza!

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