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Bursa and İnegöl


We spent the first three days of my spontaneous vacation in Bursa with my flat mate’s sister and her kids. There is a pool in the center of their apartment complex, it was great. Even though the temperatures in Bursa were generally not as high as in İzmir it was still quite warm and the pool was a perfect refreshment.

My flat mate also took me to the most important sights:

  • Ulu cami.

(A large beautiful mosque)

  • Koza Han.

(The remainders of an old silk bazaar)

  • The clock tower in Tophane.

We also took a tour in a bus which drove us around the most important parts of the city. The tour lasts about half an hour, cost 4TL per person and is both city tour and roller coaster at the same time as the driver speeds up quite a bit, regardless of whether he is going up or down hill.

The traditional dish from Bursa is the iskender kebap. One of my favorite Turkish meals after çiğ köfte:

© aNadventures

After our time in Bursa we went to stay with my flat mate’s parents in İnegöl which is just a 45 minute bus ride from Bursa. We were invited to an iftar (the traditional dinner after a day of fasting) with the extended family and it was great! Lots of delicious food and children playing around and there was a cozy family spirit. Everyone was so nice to me and interested in my background. I think the aunties were a little disappointed that I am not single because they would have liked to find me a Turk. Oh well, I’ll take that as a compliment.

İnegöl is famous for two things: Furniture and köfte (İnegöl köfte). This statue that greets anyone entering the city is the coolest statue I have ever come across:

© aNadventures

Apart from eating, eating and eating (I was in paradise!) I also accompanied my flatty’s mum to the local pazar which looked like this:

© aNadventures

The family really made an effort to make me feel at home and to show me around their city and it is all the little things that I experienced with the locals that made my time so special. I got back home on Monday afternoon with a full belly and lots of warm memories.

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