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A spontaneous trip


Just as I was sitting in front of my computer last week on a Sunday afternoon, my flat mate who was spending some family time in Bursa called me up and spontaneously invited me to go and join her. Yay! She made a reservation for me with a bus company and I had about half an hour to pack, get dressed, run out of the house, find a bank and take the bus.

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In the rush I did not even think about charging my phone (I am glad I did not forget the charger in the first place) and half way through the journey the battery started to fade. I informed my flat mate about the low battery status and she provided me with her sister’s address and the indications on how to get there from the Bursa central bus station. No problem, see you in a few hours.

The thing is that instead of arriving at 11pm, as indicated, we only got to Bursa one hour later, around midnight. I was lucky enough to catch one of the last city buses and then again the journey lasted for about an hour or so. I had told the bus driver where I wanted to get off but he somehow forgot about me and when I reminded him he abruptly stopped and dropped me off with some vague indications.

I found myself next to a high way at 1:30 am in the morning, went through an underpass to cross the street praying not to encounter any creepy human beings on my way to the other side. When I got there I figured the area somehow looked familiar and I noticed that the bus to Bursa had entered the city through that same area about two hours earlier. Duh.

Just as I was wandering through the dark street searching for the apartment block I heard my flatty’s anguished voice calling out my name from the eighth floor. She came down to get me.

The whole family had been really worried about me. All in all I arrived two hours later than expected and I was not able to notify anyone about my delay. My flatty had called the bus companies and local taxi firms to find out about my whereabouts. It seemed that all of Bursa had been worried about me. Ups.

For next time I know to write down the phone number and call from someone else’s phone. Oh well. It has become one more aNadventure to tell.

Find out about Bursa and İnegöl here.

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