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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


Today is my last day of sugar fasting which was my personal Ramazan Challenge: No chocolate, no ice cream, no cake, no cookies and no sugar in my tea for a month. It has been harder than I thought and I must admit that I have not stuck to it for the full month, as I stopped fasting while being ill and while being on a journey which lasted for a week. It would have been impolite to refuse all the delicacies that were offered to me. Still, I went about it with moderation.

The following picture I took at a local super market is a foreshadow of what is about to come: Lots and lots of sweets. Both for me and for everyone else.

© aNadventures

All in all I can say that I sugar fasted for about two weeks, which is not too bad considering the fact that I normally don’t go a day without my proper dose of chocolate or ice cream or whatever sweet stuff I can get hold of. So, I have proven myself that I can if only I want. Whenever I got itchy fingers for something sweet I grabbed a fruit or chewed some sugar free bubble gum instead. And it somehow worked.

I still admire all the people who have continuously been fasting for the last four weeks: no drinks and no food from dawn till dusk which is for about 17 hours these days and with temperatures around 40°C and full working schedules. My challenge seems a little pathetic next to those conditions but it was my personal challenge after all.

Tomorrow will be the first day (out of three) of this year’s Bayram celebration throughout which the locals will visit their families, have huge feasts together and the kids will kiss the elderlies’ hands to get money and sweets in return. For Muslims, the Ramazan Bayramı is the second most important religious festivity after the festival of sacrifice which will be in two months.

Happy Bayramlar, everyone!

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