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Ramazan reklamları


Something I find extremely interesting when being in a different country is to see the local product advertisements. Recently, I have been struck by the large variety of Ramazan advertisements, as for instance:

From Pamukkale website.

Pamukkale, a local inter-city bus company, advertising the snacks it offers at night.

From youtube: Algida Ramazan Reklamı (2013)

Algida advertising its ice cream assortment.

© aNadventures

Pizza Hut’s iftar menu – a brochure I picked up at a local mall.

From Turkcell website.

Turkcell offering a special package to make calls during the Ramazan month.

But then again it is the season. I am surprised to be surprised. It is the same back home with Christmas advertisements.

As I started writing these lines, the davulcu started making his rounds outside banging the drums and reminding everyone that it is time to have their last iftar (dinner to break the fast) of the year 2013. Time to go get my ice cream!

Happy Bayramlar again!

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