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İzmir 6th among the most livable cities in the world


Just as I was starting to feel a little homesick throughout the last few weeks, I stumbled upon this article the other day:

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It basically says that İzmir was named 6th among the world’s most livable larger cities. Livable? The criteria taken into consideration, according to this article, include little pressure, inexpensive living conditions and freedom in which İzmir is said to have obtained full points. Other points assessed are possibilities of economic development, people’s behaviors, political points of view and infrastructure among 15 further criteria.

The article does not specify which “research and analysis firm” established the ranking. I became curious about the topic and did some additional research. None of the English speaking sources I consulted included İzmir among the top ten. But quite a number of Turkish sources, on the other hand, confirm the rank of the above picture. There may be a mistake or it may be due to different matters of perspective.

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Regardless of the reason for this confusion, İzmir does indeed deserve holding a high rank among the world’s most livable cities, from my point of view.

My personal ten good reasons for living in İzmir:


  1. The SUN. More than 300 sunny days per year.
  2. Little traffic congestion and reliable public transportation system.
  3. Calm but lively.
  4. Proximity to the Aegean Sea.
  5. Local friendliness.
  6. Relaxed pace of life.
  7. Cheaper and less crowded than İstanbul.
  8. Friendships I have made throughout the last months.
  9. Holiday feeling when walking around the city.
  10. It just feels right.


Realizing all of these advantages made me reflect on how lucky I am to have been given the opportunity to be living in this city and reminded me that I should enjoy every moment of it.

How about your cities, towns and villages? What makes them livable from your personal perspective?



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  1. Oh gosh, one thing I am missing is the sun. Good weather makes everything OK. 🙂

    What makes Bogotá livable? Well, it’s lively and has a great energy about it. There is always something going on and something to do. The view of the mountains are breathtaking too.

  2. Izmir gibi bir sehir YOK! >:) Turkiye’nin en guzel sehiri Izmir!! <333 (< english keyboard problems)

  3. Nice to reflect on what makes our place liveable. I have recently replaced the hustle and bustle of inner city Copenhagen living with a tranquil suburb of Brisbane. Copenhagen is liveable for its cultural offer, history, sustainable living and vibrancy, but Brisbane beats it in the climate stakes almost any day. Copenhageners, it should be said, are to be commended for their propensity to use and live in the outdoors, come rain, hail or shine. Brisbanites could learn a lot from that and get out of their cars and into the urban spaces.

    • Thank you for passing by and sharing your experiences. Living in different places all around the globe certainly makes us realize what makes each and ever place livable. You mention some interesting points there. You’re right about the sun. It adds so much to a person’s well-being, even when other factors might not be at their optimum. Copenhagen and Brisbane – what an interesting combination. 😉

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