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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves


Food plays a very important role in Turkish life and society. I am happy about that. Food is the center of my universe, too. Of course people’s passion for food is often reflected in their curves. On the occasion of this week’s Photo Challenge, I would like to share the following picture:

© aNadventures

I came across these mannequins when strolling through Kemeraltı and was struck by them. Even though there are XXXL sizes in most shops, you almost never get to see them on display in the windows. All we are generally shown are the slim model-like figures not everyone can identify with. So I was glad to find chubby dolls as well. It reflects the diversity of society and shows that curvy people are not necessarily excluded from shopping and finding nice fits. Although the “fashionability” of that shop in the picture remains a topic to debate on…

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