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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting


Here comes my interpretation of this week’s Photo Challenge:

© aNadventures

This picture was taken three weeks ago at Kordon near Alsancak, in Izmir. It was the last evening of my parents’ visit and the sun was just setting. You can see couples, friends and families taking a walk in the warmth of the evening and watching the last sunrays vanish at the horizon next to the ships softly sitting in the bay.

A week later the protests started in Istanbul, then spread to Izmir and they have also been taking place exactly there, by the water.

For me this picture captures a moment of in-between-ness. From sunlight to moonlight. From family comfort to new challenges. From calmness to uprising.

It reminds me of how important it is to enjoy every moment of every day. Things may change from one instant to another. I do not mean to say that change necessarily means something bad but it definitely requires some readjustment that can sometimes be frightening.


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  1. Hope your folks had a good time in Izmir with you!

    • Yes, we had a fantastic time. They were very impressed by Izmir’s modernity, the locals’ friendliness and of how clean the metro stations are!

      • Aww that’s great! I am still waiting when my mom could come to visit and have all these cultural experiences and delicious food:P

      • Sounds wonderful! If you need suggestions, just let me know. I have acquired quite some tour guide experience with my recent visitors. 😉

      • I will definitely keep it on mind 😀

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