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Introducing Balu


Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt and a fellow blogger’s recent post about cats in İzmir, I would like to mention that there are a lot of street dogs here as well. I admire them for their strength (life on the street must be hard after all) and their “laid backness”. You may see them walking around their respective territories but what has struck me the most is how they spend hours just lying around. They certainly know how to relax.

© aNadventures

I have the impression that they are treated very well by locals. More than once I have seen people patting them as they walk by, as if they were their own pets. And somehow they are; being part of this city’s population, part of everyday life and each district’s particular character.

One of those dogs has become particularly special to me since I have been here. His name is Balu. My sister, who is also a fan of his ever since I sent her pictures of him, named him after Disney’s famous The Jungle Book character Balu, the bear who also likes to lead a cozy life.

© aNadventures

I saw Balu for the first time when I still lived in the dormitory, which was also a home to him. I used to see him almost every day and he was always lying around. Taking a nap or enjoying the sun. We became friends and he soon starting recognizing me and walking me home. Once I came back from a three day trip and he was excited to see me. The day I moved out, he even accompanied me up until the metro station, even though that was outside of his usual territory. As if he had known.

© aNadventures

Now I still occasionally bump into him and it is always good to see him. I must admit that he is not the most handsome dog out there but he has his charm. I guess everyone finds their personal favourite among these street dogs. It was also funny for me to find out that Balu has several other names given to him by other people.

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  2. Aida, your comment isn’t properly shown but I guess you smiled, right? 😉

  3. sorry, I used Emojicons, I did smile and thumbs up! 😀

  4. Serena permalink

    What a lovely story (and pictures)

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