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My lover is your lover…


No, I don’t like sharing. But one of my flat mates is thinking about getting a tattoo. The other day, she was considering having a song line written across her legs: My love is your love. And instead of “love” she wrote “lover”, a small mistake that makes a difference.

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I am not a fan of tattoos either. So why bother writing about it? Well, this line got me thinking about the many possibilities of what could go wrong when deciding to have someone paint on you with a needle full of permanent ink:

1. Risk of health damages such as infections.

2. Typos like the above mentioned one.

3. Chinese tattoos where you might think it means “love, luck & happiness” but in fact it says “soya sauce”.

4. Having your boy / girl friend’s name written on you. Bad idea.

5. Falling asleep during a tattoo session and waking up to your face covered in stars. This happened to a girl from Belgium, although it later turned out to be a lie. How can you fall asleep during such a procedure, anyway?

6. Having tattoos of controversial personalities on you may also cause trouble.

7. You may not like that butterfly or dragon anymore when you are 80.

8. If you are covered in tattoos, you are likely to have a hard time at job interviews. Unless it is at a tattoo parlor.

9. It may hurt so much that you beg them to stop and go home with an unfinished picture.

10. …

In the end, the choice of tattoo is a very personal issue. As long as you are happy with it, who cares? Even if your lover is someone else’s lover…

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